4L60E Transmission Pump Removal Instructions

Remove the bellhousing with special torx bit. (Highly recomended! But not needed)
Removing the bellhousing makes the job a whole lot easier. The trans pump will slide out
a lot easier. Be sure to use the correct torx bit or you will strip the bolts.

Trans Pump Removal, Pull Method Tools

Trans Pump Removal, Pull Method in Action (Recomended)
Unbolt trans pump.
Be sure to protect shaft with rubber hose to prevent damage during pull process.

Trans Pump Removal, Pry Method
Unbolt trans pump. Drop trans pan, remove filter, remove valve body.
Note: VALVE BODY BOLTS cannot be mixed up or serious damage will occur!

When prying the pump out, be careful not to damage the parts inside the transmission.
One side you will be able to insert a very long screw driver and tap it with a hammer.
Be careful not to damage the little bronze pressure relief when tapping the pump downward.
The other side you will be able to pry out against the body of the transmission.
Be sure to remove the trans pump evenly and gently as not to damage the self sealing surface.
It makes the job a whole lot easier if you remove the bellhousing.
Before you are able to pull the pump completely off you will have to remove an o-ring on the input shaft.

Trans Pump Removed

Seperated Trans Pump Halves

4L60E Transmission Pump Rebuild Instructions

For this step all I did was bring my pump to a local transmission shop. They were able to
rebuild the pump for $125 and I had it the next day.

4L60E Transmission Pump Installation Instructions

When installing the transmission pump be sure to use a new trans pump gasket.
The install is relatively easy. Just put all the bolts into the pump and slide the
gasket on. Then line up the holes and gently slide it in. Be careful during
the alignment process. If your bellhousign is attached it will be a little more difficult.
Gently tap the pump in and make sure the bolt holes line up. Also make sure that the
gasket has not come off any of the bolts. When it is lined up ok thread the bolts in
by hand. Start pulling the pump toward the transmission by turning all the bolts evenly
in half turns to prevent warping and scuffing. Be sure nothing is inbetween the trans pump
and trans housing. Torque the pump to spec. Put back the o-ring that you removed previously.

Pictures of my removal process

Trans Pump Removal

Trans Pics

Trans Pump Carnage

Pro Stock John ponders the situation and then pokes at the pieces

Note: Big thanks to Ron aka TA/30th 1002 from LS1tech.com for taking the time to e-mail
me privately with advice and instructions on how to do all of this. If it wasn't for his
help I wouldn't have been able to do what I have done. With the knowledge I have gained through
him and my struggles I have made this page in effort to help others out there that come across
similar problems.